by Marcus Robinson

Malik Carter isn’t your typical black teenager that is described to you on the daily news. Malik Carter is one of the most intelligent young brothers I have met in a long time. It is said that you are a reflection of what your parents have taught you and, that is true from what I can see in this young clean cut brother who seems to carry himself well. Malik enjoys playing Basketball, going out to different places and lifting weights. Malik likes respectful, loyal females with a smile and great personality.

Malik’s favorite food is Soul Food, Cabbage, and he likes Chinese food the Egg Rolls. His role models are his Cousin who is a Navy Veteran, and Grandmother who passed away nine years ago she was a nurse. Malik’s favorite movies are Friday, Blue Hill Avenue,  Love and Basketball and Jason’s Lyric. Malik doesn’t dress cheap when he steps out the door, he steps out in style. His favorite clothing is True religion and Polo, and Burberry.

Malik’s favorite subject in school is science he loves to learn about science so that he can take care of his body better and stay fit. Malik represents the real black youth of Chicago he doesn’t make songs about popping any one off or robbing any one. His goal in life is to be successful and be a leader that someone else can look up to.

I close by saying this to your mother has raised you well, keep up the positive attitude and stay focused.



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