Morgan D. Carter, The World’s Conversation Starter, Memorial & Historical Family Portrayal

Reprint from Citizen Newspaper

Morgan D. Carter “The Worlds Conversation Starter” was born May 24, 1948, in Flint Michigan. Carter was a motivational speaker; radio/TV/Internet host; producer; voiceover professional; and spokesman. He was known as “The Worlds Conversation Starter because he was a Black talk radio and TV host who had broadcast on WVON-AM; WGCI-FM, V103-FM, WSSD-FM, and WBEE-AM, WGCR Web Satellite Radio, WCFJ-1470AM and WBGX1570AM.

During his tenure, Morgan also hosted many other radio and cable TV programs including the Chicago Media Connection and Omnibus Roundtable TV Show on channel 19. He did many unique features, he helped to assemble the first all-black male audience for the Phil Donahue Show in the late 70s. Mr. Carter was part of a television marketing team that placed positive images of African Americans, Hispanics, Natives, and Asian Americans throughout the nation on TV and cable networks serving over 20 million households. Morgan Carter has received a number of honors and citations including a nomination in Who’s Who in America.

He was frequently sought after as a Motivational Speaker, Professional, and a Personal Development Facilitator because he was a humorous Master of ceremonies. The Worlds Conversation Starter served as a media Counsel for the Chicago Local Organizing Committee of the Million Man March and since he performed in that capacity beginning in September of 1995, he handled over 550 inquiries, interviews, and debates regarding the October 16, 1995 Million Man March. Morgan Carter has provided Media, Public, Political, and Government relations counsel and assistance to many entrepreneurs, news personalities, entertainment, professional athletes, local, national, and international, politicians, and statesmen through a variety of network services and venues including the channel Straight Talk Program.

The Morgan Memos hosts a series of forums and functions that will increase client visibility among media, business outlets, representatives, politicians, religious leaders, community advocates, social service agencies as well as consumers. Carter was a rare breed who was seen, heard, and read about on local cable TV, regular TV, radio, newspapers as well as the Internet. Morgan developed “The Morgan Memos” on the World Wide Web to provide media advisories and briefings to more than 40 media outlets and too many key VIPs and business executives. The Worlds Conversation Starter ensures that important news, views, and trends concerning African Americans were disseminated across the nation.