While most of us enjoy arriving at our getaway destination, the preparations and journey can be incredibly stressful. Before you even begin to plan your next trip, take a deep breath and remember that getaways are meant to be fun and relaxing.

Being in control of any situation can help ease stress. Control is gained by having the knowledge and the tools to cope with any situation you may be confronted with. So from the moment you begin thinking about your next getaway, start a travel journal. You can choose to start an electronic journal or hand written journal. Keep in mind that things can go wrong with electronics so keep a printed version of your travel plans.

Begin by listing three desirable travel destinations. Keeping your list short will help you filter it down to one destination easily. Find out everything you can about traveling to the destination and not just about the destination itself.

What modes of transport are available? How long will each different type of travel take to reach your destination? Will you be crossing borders and if so will you need visas and is your passport in order? Once you have narrowed it down to one destination it is time to consider what you need to take along. Take into consideration the climate and weather conditions when you will be traveling. Will you be traveling from a cold to warm climate or vice versa?

Make a list of the clothing items that you will need to take along. Now make a list of cosmetics, toiletries, etc. that you feel you may need. Lastly make a third list of all the essentials that are not covered by your first to lists. A week before you start packing for your destination, take another look at your lists and cut any items that you feel may be extraneous. The less baggage you take along on your journey, the less stressed you will be.

Leave any expensive or irreplaceable articles at home. This will minimize the amount of time you spend worrying about losing the items or them being stolen. Make your travel arrangements well in advance. It may be more cost effective to book your own transport and accommodation but consider how complicated your getaway will be. If you are traveling to one destination, staying in one place and then returning home, you should definitely be able to manage the arrangements with minimal stress.

Alternatively, find a reliable travel agent to assist. Make notes in your travel journal of all the reservations your travel agent makes on your behalf and when the stress and worry starts to set in, give them a call to get the reassurance that everything will run smoothly. Using a travel agent gives you the added advantage of having recourse if anything does go wrong on your journey. You can simply contact them and sit back and relax while they resolve the problem.

Get to your destination as relaxed as possible and ensure that you return home with good memories of a great getaway.

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