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Let’s Play Ball

By Marcus Robinson 

Thursday April 5 2018, on a very cold and snowy afternoon, fans packed south side Guaranteed Rate Field to see the Chicago White Sox take on the Detroit Tigers.

Thursday’s game opening ceremony started with the players being paraded onto the field in cars followed by singing of the National Anthem.  During the ceremony the Chicago White Sox’s honored fallen CPD Commander Paul Bauer for his service and bravery.


The game got off to a great start. The White Sox had the lead for a while but Detroit Tigers tied the game and they would end with the win. The White Sox lost by two points.  Final score Detroit Tigers 9 Chicago White Sox 7.

On Saturday the White Sox played the Tigers again.  Another defeat, final score Tigers 9 White Sox 1.  Sunday, 3rd game of the series was a losing sweep for the Chicago team; final score Tigers 1 White Sox 0. 


Next meeting is scheduled for 5.25 and 5.26 in Detroit and we’re looking for a more favorable outcome.



By Marcus Robinson
NBA Young Boy takes to the stage on a Chicago style Christmas Eve night(cold and Snow) at the Portage theater on Chicago’s north side. some people who attended the concert wasn’t so pleased at his performance, they felt he didn’t live up to his status or perform like he does in other cities. Kentrell Desean Gaulden, known professionally as Young Boy never broke again, is an American Rapper. 
He gained local attention after his release single homicide featuring fellow Baton Rouge. Kentrell Gaulden is currently signed with Atlantic Records. while some wasn’t happy most who came to see him loved his performance. I personally was looking for the performances that he give his fans in other cities but over all his performance was great. the crowd turn out was not all that huge but decent over all. NBA Young boy is only 18 years old and has kids he had just been released from jail and stopped through to give one heck of a performance in Chicago. he politely thanked his fans and explained to them that he was in a hurry to get home and see his kids. 

Sox Fest 2017

submitted by Marcus Robinson

During the last week of January Sox fans were treated to Sox fest at the Hilton Hotel in the south Loop. Many former Players were on hand to talk to fans; Bo Jackson, Harold Baines and Carlton Fisk to name a few. Here are some shots.

Louisville Sluggers being made on the spot at Sox Fest.
Tim Anderson White Sox
Harold Baines, Bo Jackson and Carlton Fisk, a few legendary White Sox Players, speak to a room packed with die-hard White Sox fans about what it was like to play the great Americas Pass time Major League Baseball
Former fashion statements