Marcus Robinson, Photojournalist for CCNM

Billy Robinson aka Willie Robinson was the only uncle that I knew. He never talk down to me and I really appreciated that. One of my funniest memories of him was when I was a young boy visiting my Grandmothers house and Billy took me and my only sister for a ride in the country. He had a red convertible car and he drove like the Dukes of Hazard. I remember when he took me and my sister to the store and bought us ice cream and gave us money. As I got older, Billy came to stay at my house with my mom and aunt. He was going through some changes but noticed that I was in a hidden state of depression. He told me a little about some of his experiences as an only child, having no brothers or sisters to remember any experiences about the racially divided Mississippi.

Sister Ethel and Uncle Billy

Uncle Billy helped me hold up my head and carry on. I remember laughing with him that day and the bond we developed as a result of the time we spent together. Our bond was never broken and the only thing I truly regret is that I didn’t really visit him while he was in the nursing home. I can’t seem to find a photo of just me and him on it. Billy is free now he made his transition on last week a few days before the thanksgiving holiday. he was mother Ethel Lee Robinson baby brother bother are the babies it’s strange how I felt that day when I was awaken to the sad news of Uncle Billy Passing. times have truly changed. well Uncle you are free from your mental pain and physical pain as well rest in peace and may God have mercy on your soul.


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