by Marcus Robinson

Belonging to a Gang has become a fashionable way of life for our young people in society today. It is continuously destroying our Black youth and forcing young Black men into an endless life cycle of crime. The movie Chiraq focuses on that very reality from what I have seen of the trailer. The Original Gangsters have fanned the flames of a fire that now they no longer can control. Young people do not listen to or seek out the elders; those that have wisdom about what this journey called life is about. Chicago has now become soaked in the blood of too many of our innocent youth, both male and female. As a young black youth myself, at the age of 11 years old made a very important decision to never join a gang. It wasn’t easy, but I kept myself busy and my Mother also kept me occupied with constructive activities so I would not be lured to street life. My mother didn’t let me just hang out with anyone or go over to their houses without first checking them out. Yesterday’s embers have now consumed the minds of today’s youth. I cannot and will not prejudge 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee’s mother, but many of these little babies are growing up in gang households. Whereas I was taught to read, write, do math and to respect authority; it seems these core values have become obsolete. Why do so many young Black youth feel that it’s important to be in a street gang? Why do so many young women seek their attention, but not the young men who aren’t in a gang? What happened to the unity we once had as a community? Was that unity only an illusion or myth? Think long, hard and honestly about these questions, look at both of these photos and ask yourself what can I/we do to change this perception of life for our youth. Strongly believing in God and prayer is one thing, but I also believe in taking action. if someone doesn’t want to change their way of life then they need to be evicted from the community. We don’t need the National Guard we are the Guard. Find out who these people are and rid our neighborhoods of this human garbage that continues to destroy, mame and kill our innocent babies, youth and young adults.

MLR_0284Tyshawn Lee’s body being carried to the hearse

Famouss Montana1Some young men black men posting up on a street appearing to throw up gang signs

1066039_630x354Kaylyn Pryor Murdered in Chicago


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