Dianne Baskin2It is not just me. There are millions of us who share the feelings of gratitude for the women we call Mother. They have influenced our lives whether they are authors, actresses, singers, poets, dancers, educators, entrepreneurs, social workers, lawyers, physicians, nurses, microbiologists, bloggers, soccer moms, politicians, teachers, or stay at home Moms. The invaluable contributions they have made to the world by mothering, mentoring, guiding, supporting, and encouraging us cannot be measured fiscally.

It is my belief that these women are all connected by four important core values: commitment, investment, empowerment, and encouragement. Their role as mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunties, godmothers, nana and Big Momma afforded them the ability to function in venues larger than life. Boardrooms and boudoirs served as their stage. Our unsung heroines who refused to relinquish bus seats or lunchroom counters frequently had to walk miles to employment. Those who supported migration ended up living on ‘the place’ working in other people’s kitchens, yards, laundries, and factories to care for their families on miniscule stipends. These women of substance stretched a dollar in indescribable ways. They kept countries afloat while their men went to war or whispered pillow talk ideas to mobilize their men. These were powerful, dynamic, driven, decisive and determined spirits. Invested in keeping the family strong and encouraging excellence in their children. Their collective energy created a ‘we can do anything’ mantra, which is empowering. Further evidence of their multitasking skills was the juggling act they performed daily to keep a stable home all the while dancing backward in stilettos as they put a four course meal on the table, ran a load of clothes, watered the grass, chauffeured the children to lessons, and saved the big piece of chicken for the man of the house.

There have been no parades or crowns for these women through the ages. Those who are in the world of work still make less than their male counterparts in almost every industry with far more responsibilities. By and large they do not chair boards hold the title CEO or drive policy in the public or private sector. Occasionally a few break the Plexiglas ceiling and get to interface with titans of industry yet their numbers are few and their global impact is marginalized. Yes, we are proud of our women in corporate America who fight the fight on a different front. These pioneers are encouraging young women to focus on math, science, medicine and research so their impact has the potential for reaching millions and potentially leveling the playing field. It is the fervent hope of Mothers worldwide that they position themselves to persist in spite of appearances. Women really can make a significant contribution to world order. Just ask Eve.

This body of talent nurtured by Moms the world over have seen her wing it under the most miserable of circumstances. Moms are master magicians. They pull rabbits out of a hat multiple times a day. A good ‘mom’ does not seek perfection however persistence in the face of adversity and perseverance regardless of outward appearances is the cape a real Mom wears.

There are not enough ways to say thank you to the person in your life who had the role of Mom. Her sacrifices, prayers, and loving ways shaped your character and foundation. If you have taken all she has done for granted shame on you. The law of retribution will gift you with a teenager who will humble you Once this person invades your space and psyche you will apologize to your Mom and all the women who came before her because you will now understand.

Kudos to every Mom for the gift of life… love…inspiration…guidance… nurturance and the lessons of growth.

Happy Mother’s Day!


I have functioned as a Business and Media Consultant over the past sixteen years and spent many years developing my capacity to function in our ever evolving use of technology, communication, education and training.