by Marcus Robinson

Diondre Jennings aka Broskii Da Prince is a young talented 18 year old who believes in God and believes in himself. This young brother has a huge following because of his rap music.

Broskii Da Prince is a known hip hop artist who has signed with Kamdre Entertainment. He has been making lots of moves.   His music is positive and will have people of all ages on their feet with hit songs like ‘Batman and Fanato’ .

Where ever Broskii goes there is a huge crowd. While many have turned there backs on the black youth and closed there ears to what is real, I chose to focus my attention on the young people.  Not all what they do is bad and it can be informative.

Broskii Da prince keeps his manager busy by constantly having him book shows for him and other PR work. Broskii knows what he wants and how to get the wheels spinning to achieve his goals.


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