This handout photo provided by the Fairfax County, Va., County Department shows former Fairfax County police officer Adam Torres. Torres, who was charged with murder for shooting and killing a man on a domestic disturbance call collapsed Wednesday in a northern Virginia courtroom after being denied bail in his initial court appearance. (Fairfax County, Va., County Department via AP)

by Shaun King

A police officer in Fairfax County, Virginia, since 2006, Adam Torres shot and killed a man who every witness, including other officers, said had his hands up in the air when Torres unloaded on him. Like officers always do, Torres decided to use the “I thought he had something in his waistband” trick, but it does not appear to be working well for him.

On Wednesday, when appearing before a judge, Torres full-on passed out when he was told that he was being denied bail and would have to wait until December for his next hearing.

Adam Torres, 32, of Culpeper, fainted toward the end of a 20-minute hearing as lawyers discussed a possible December trial date. After standing for several minutes, Torres collapsed, hitting a chair before landing flat on his back. One bailiff cleared the courtroom and another checked Torres’ vital signs as Torres lay on the floor with eyes closed.The sheriff’s office declined to comment on Torres’ condition, but there was no obvious sign of serious injury or health problems. A sheriff’s deputy was overheard telling Torres’ mother that he was alert several minutes after he fainted, and Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Morrogh said he believed Torres was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

We can only hope that as other brutal officers around the country see justice being served with this man, that they will at least pause and reconsider their regular use of unjust violence. That may be wishful thinking, but it’s my belief that most police officers use lethal force when it isn’t necessary because they firmly believe they can escape prosecution. If that truth tilts even a little bit in the favor of victims, we may see at least a slight decline some day.


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