By F. Taylor

You might think because his cookies are vegan, they will not appeal to you because you eat meat. However, you couldn’t be further from the truth, according to fans of the Chicago cookie entrepreneur.

Jimmy Prude is the Auburn Gresham neighborhood of Chicago entrepreneur behind “Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies”. The Howard University graduate believes his cookies are a guilt free indulgence, according to his business slogan.

Many people are agreeing with him and love the cookies despite being the cookies being vegan. Vegan just means there are no animal products used in the creation of these cookies. Amid the rising health concerns (and cost) of people around the world, eating a bit healthier is on our minds….even when enjoying cookies.

Jimmy Vegan cookies-600x315From DNAinfo:

“I really like the cookies, surprisingly, because I’m a big meat eater,” said 32-year-old Rabiatu Barrie of South Shore.

“I was skeptical about the cookies, but they’re delicious. I was pleasantly surprised.”

“I love them,” said Leah Gipson, an Austin resident. “I think they are better than a lot of cookies that aren’t vegan. I think that part of the challenge when you’re trying to introduce a healthy dessert is convincing people that they want to actually taste it.”

“It’s a great feeling,” he said. “This opportunity was well worth the time and work we put into it.”

He said operating the company is like being in business school all over again, but “24/7.”

“It’s fun, the risks are exhilarating and the payoff is worthwhile. I’ve learned to enjoy the wins, but not be too enthralled.. They come and go, like the ebbs and flows of business. You keep moving, and find joy in being able to move towards the next opportunity.”

Looks like the next opportunity is landing shelf space at the holy mecca of healthy eating, Whole Foods. The store attracts a constant flow of people looking to eat and live a healthy lifestyle. Jimmy Prude believes his vegan cookies can contribute to these lifestyles…while being delicious.

And Whole Foods aren’t the only large corporations interested in Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies. Walgreens was actually the first deal struck with companies, according to Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies website.

Obviously, Prude has made some strong steps in building his business and we wish him the best in his bright future. Hopefully, he will continue to grow and inspire entrepreneurs around him to take their businesses to the next level.


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