Cheryl Wallington (right) participates in a rally at the Thompson Center against budget cuts to mental health programs on May 13, 2014. "I was diagnosed in the 1980s with a mental health issue and the medications they used to give out were extreme like shock therapy, now that the medication is better they want to take it away with budget cuts.This is what equips people to be able to be contributing memebers of societies and live their lives succesfully," Wallington said.

By Deborah L. Shelton

Note: This feature is part of a series that looks at the impact of state budget cuts on social services in Illinois. Today’s edition features Metropolitan Family Services.

The group: Metropolitan Family Services

What it does: It provides education, emotional wellness, economic stability and empowerment services to more than 67,000 people. This …read more

Source: Chicago Reporter

Category: State budget watch, Andrew Wade, Gov. Bruce Rauner, Illinois Department of Human Services, Metropolitan Family Services



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