by Marcus Robinson

The sound can be heard for blocks in the heart of Chicago’s downtown. Ben Franklin and Bucket Boy Dashawn Louis earn their living by hitting the streets of Chicago and playing the buckets. Some may say why don’t they just get a regular nine to five job? Well let’s be honest are there really any real jobs left in America? After the civil rights bill was passed the jobs started running overseas most of our goods come from China, half of our produce is imported from another country. Our highly praised symbol of freedom that flies high over every building and park church etc. isn’t made in America. “why is that?” Why are most of American goods made out of the country? If you look around at everything you have, you will find that those are jobs that have gone overseas. Back to Ben Franklin and Bucket Boy Shawn, this is why they beat the Buckets to support their families and to keep from sticking you up. I would rather see them playing the Buckets for nickels and dimes then to see them holding up a bank or robbing some poor innocent person. Everybody wants the same things in life. Money seems to give of us that sense of fulfillment, however it’s only an illusion of what Peace, Power and Respect is. So the next time you are actually downtown and hear that unique sound echoing through the concrete jungle of tall steel glass buildings, go check it out you just might run into these two young black men who are all grown up just trying to survive in a country that has money to burn. Ben Franklin has his street vendors license so does Bucket Boy Shawn. They not only play the streets but have played at the United Center as well.

Dashuan Louis Ben Franklin (2)


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