On November 2, 2015 shots rang out in an alley on the South Side of Chicago near 80th and Damen. When the gun smoke cleared it left 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee dead on the scene. Tyshawn Lee was shot multiple times in the head and left in the alley like a dog to die. It seems like every year in Chicago there’s another innocent victim of gun violence that becomes a poster child for the violence gripping the city. During the Summer of 2015, legendary movie director Spike Lee decided to start filming his new movie Chi-raq. Many Chicago politicians like the Mayor and A few Black Aldermen were very upset about the title and ask that Spike Lee remove the title. Spike Lee refused and just before the trailer was release on Amazon Tyshawn Lee was gunned down. This is one of those stories that touches you in a special way. I don’t know what’s wrong with our people or people in this world period. Black boys and men are dying at an alarming rate and for what? This was not this young boy’s time to go, God don’t do things like this, this was pure evil. What are we going to do about this? March or make a real change. For nine years I have followed the story of many youth dying on the streets of Chicago. I took a break from it because I was tired of reporting the same old stories over and over again. ​

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