Hard Times


Jul 29, 2015
Submitted by: Marcus Robinson
No matter how hard you work or how well you obey all of the rules of society, it seems like you just can’t win or get ahead in life.
Last year, July 19, 2014, a young man, named Marcell, was gunned down in Robichaux Park, which is located in the Princeton Park housing area.
As many were heading over to the ‘Taste of WVON’, a small group gathered at Robichaux Park park to remember this young soul who was only 18 years old at his time of death.
One has to ask, “Will the violence ever end and where is God in all of this mayhem”? So many innocent black people are suffering from lack of employment and financial means to survive.
Some wake up to no gas to cook a decent meal. Some wake to neither lights or gas or worse no place to stay. The cost of living in Chicago continues to rise faster and wages are not increasing to meet the cost of living.
So who really cares if the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls or even the Blackhawks win the final games when the people are so stress out. They can’t enjoy it any way.
I feel, Obama doesn’t want people who are on SSI to bear arms and protect themselves.  Also, the Black press is treated like trash at times, even by black people.
The pressure continues rise and eventually the volcano is going to blow. People, black people work there behinds off only to still be stuck financially. Why is that?
This cycle of violence continues to take out the future of our race and the future of America.  The flag is dripping blood of both the past and present.
The utility bills are sky high and people are struggling hard to make it but our government seems to not care.
As our own newly elected Governor makes cuts that hurt so many, the poor and blacks mainly.
WAKE UP PEOPLE! It’s time to roll up our sleeves and fight back hard.
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