About Hadiya The Artist

Hadiya is not only setting herself up to become heir to the throne in Chicago’s hip hop scene, but also the world’s new rising star. Hadiya is a unique talent, not because she is 8 years old and plays the violin, can rap seamlessly in different styles.  She is unique because of her ability in the early stages of her career to execute her craft at such a high level. She already has three single releases with a 4th release “Ain’t No Love” scheduled to drop early 2015.

“Ain’t No Love” paints a graphic picture of life for young children  across inner cities of America who can relate to and know all too well the struggles of living in a time when trouble lurks on every street corner. Hadiya lyrics reflects strength and determination to help children raise their self-esteem and overcome the fear of living in the city.

Although Hadiya has started her career in rap, she refuses to be limited by the title “rap artist.” Hadiya considers herself an entertainer.  She feels just as comfortable on a theater stage and film set as she does in front of a microphone.

Hadiya comes from a family with a strong Christian background. This has culminated in Hadiya being grounded in the principle of helping others, thus her affiliation with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Among Hadiya’s interests are, recording in the studio, performing, riding her bike and spending time with her relatives.  She loves ice cream and her favorite colors are red, pink and light blue. Hadiya will be in the third grade in the fall 2014 school year, and although her passion is entertaining, she takes her education very seriously.  She is a good student and loves being able to interact and play with her classmates.

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