Submitted By: Marla Thompson

               Why do people borrow money they don’t want to pay back? Is it because they just don’t want to repay the debt or is it that they are using you for what they can get. I just wonder because I know someone who has behaved like this. I’m not saying any names, but this person has borrowed money and refused to pay it back. If you have no intention on paying the money back don’t borrow it, just ask the person to give it to you. If the person has been nice to you and treated you well, return the favor and pay them back. Don’t borrow money if you do not intent to pay it back.

               Borrowing someones else’s money can start a lot of conflict. It can erupt into violence. The person borrow the money from could begin to stalk you, he might shoot you, or even kill you over their money. That’s why it’s not moneygood to borrow money unless you are going to pay it back. Loosing a friendship over borrowing money is one thing, dying because you didn’t pay it back is another. Keep the violence down just pay the money back.



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