signs  Submitted by:Marla Thompson

          What’s going on in this world today with all this gang violence? I just don’t understand why there are so many gang’s in the world? They stop the young people from going outside. Now youth are afraid to play in the park, or ride their bikes with their friends. They can’t enjoy those activities anymore. Gang violence is horrific and our youth are dying as a result of this outrage.

             Gangs what are they and why are they here and for what purpose do they have on this Earth. All gang’s do is cause misery and pain because of all the killing they be doing to family member. I would like for all this stuff to just come to an end and the kids can go back outside and play in front of their houses where they can jump rope, play hop scotch, tag, and or even red light green light.

             I would like for this world to just get rid of all these gangs so that the kids could go out and play like they used to do back in the old days.


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