Submitted By: Marla Thompson

               What’s going on in this world such that you can’t go into a store without getting shot to death. I say this because Thursday evening May 29, 2014 around 6 p.m on 79th and Cottage Grove, I was on my way home and there were a lot of police cars around.  The first thing I thought was that someone had gotten shot.  And in fact, a 58 year old woman had been shot to death.

                   She was someone’s mother, daughter, sister, auntie or grandmother, and now she’s gone.  They can no longer see her or learn from her wisdom because gang violence took her out. Gangs are a big factor in our communities and around the world and we got to do something about them.  I think the police should be focusing on gang violence instead of the minor stuff I see them doing around the community. I would like the violence to stop so we can experience some peace in this life.  Please “stop the violence.”


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