WandaWritten by Wanda Carter

According to the spirit that resides in me, we are spirits clothed in these temples we call bodies. We are individual manifestations of the source, the entity we call God, or for some, the evolution of the big bang theory. What ever you call it, doesn’t matter because it is the force that resides inside of us all. It is displayed through our physical energy. It is what you see when you look at one another. This energy has always been here, it is the source of all life, It is what we call the wind, the clouds, each blade of grass, the many birds we see and the fish that swim in the waters here and throughout the world. The source created the insects, the men, women, and children who are righteous and unrighteous, the tsunami and earthquakes that eliminate thousands of our relatives and friends with each incident.

When I was a child, I remember hearing about youth who were between 10-19 years old, who were charged with stealing vehicles, or robbing stores, or hitting someone over the head as they stole the persons wallet, who were then taken into custody, placed in some kind of a psychological treatment program, and in a short time returned to their parent(s) so they could go home and return to what was perceived to be their normal lifestyle. Then I remember in the early 2000 when that process changes, and both a 7 and 8 year old African American male were arrested and charged with a crime they couldn’t possibly have committed because they we’re strong or skilled enough to have committed the crime the way it was done. Yet the police took them from their home and incarcerated them until an adult who was a mental person was identified as the real culprit for the crime.

Research shows that today, many of our African American men and women fearful aacare taken away from their families and incarcerated for drugs, alcoholism, violence, gang warfare, theft, mental illness, and homelessness. Many of their children are placed with the Department of Human Services who then place them with foster parents until the courts decide their faith. Children who have relatives who are concerned about their well being, may be allowed to live with them until the parent is released from jail or prison. In either case, the child or children are just as traumatized as the incarcerated parent being imprisoned. The entire family experiences a kind of separation and depression derived from the fact that their loved one has been removed from their presence into an environment where they will lose their identity, and fall victim to a multitude of tactics usually used to enslave the individuals physical, emotional, and spiritual essence.

Be sure to look for my next article, I’ll discuss an alternative imprisoning people who commit non violent crimes. Until the next time, stay legal…For information on documenting your story, call 773-340-8421.


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