Excerpt from Reuters) http://news.yahoo.com/arkansas-governor-pardon-sons-drug-conviction-report-091546906.html556033ad875d932b640f6a706700aa77

Outgoing Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe said on Wednesday that he will pardon his son for a felony drug conviction, local media reported.

Beebe, who is set to leave office in January due to term limits, said he would pardon his son Kyle, now 34, for his 2003 felony conviction of marijuana possession with intent to deliver, local broadcaster KATV said.

“Kids, when they’re young, do stupid stuff. He was no different,” Beebe told KATV in an interview published online. “If they’ve straightened up, to get their life back on track and have a second chance, so this is no different. It’s different because it’s my son.”

Kyle Beebe was sentenced to 3 years supervised probation and fined, KATV reported. The Arkansas Parole Board last month recommended that he be pardoned, records on the agency’s website shows.

Governor Beebe said he has pardoned over 700 people, largely for non-violent offenses, KATV said.

(Reporting by Curtis Skinner in San Francisco; editing by Ralph Boulton)

What About the Thousands of African American Men & Women Imprisoned Today for Drug Crimes?

Written by Wanda Carter

What about the African American youth who made mistakes during their developmental stages of growing into adulthood.  Shouldn’t they be freed as well? What about the thousands of African American men and women throughout the country who are imprisoned today on felony drug charges, will you pardon their crimes?  When will African Americans be given the same breaks as those who are privileged.  Raise up brothers and sisters, the buck has to stop now! 


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