Center for Black Genealogy

 Photos by Jerlyn Maloy

Dianne Baskin and Tony Burroughs “Black Roots ” book signing….

 At the invite of a founding board member Kathleen Bethel, I attended an intellectually stimulating event to formally announce the start of a Center in Chicago devoted to Black Genealogy. Within the space of an hour and a half I met other individuals interested in exploring their roots and others who had already begun. This group is being led by noted Genealogist, author, lecturer, and Professor Tony Burroughs.  He has assembled other like- minded individuals to form a group interested in research of their respective family backgrounds. This is a very hands on experience that will ultimately create generational information that our young people can look at and know that there is a history to their being.

Top Row: Judge Lewis Nixon, Anthony Cole, Tony Burroughs, Ralph Moore and Lawrence Wilson Bottom Row: Sharon Vaughn, Iva Carruthers, Kathleen Bethel and Cristal Simmons. Jerry Williams Maloy

Professor Burroughs has written a how-to guide for persons beginning the process of tracing their roots called “Black Roots”. This effort gives you tips, worksheets, forms, and resource guides to enhance your efforts to find your truth. His presentation lit a fire within to explore the secrets and lineage of my existence.  This Center will be designed to offer you the opportunity to archive  family photos and give an oral history that will be recorded.  There are heroes and heroines in all of our families who have made significant contributions to the world.  What a dynamic way to discover who they are and inform your children of their existence. If your curiosity is peaked please go their website to gain additional information about membership in the organization. I promise you will never see your life from the same perspective.  Go to   Happy hunting!


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