CAM00538This is a story that I would like for everyone to read, it’s about our veterans and how they are being treated. Some of our veterans have problems with their living situations such as living in a shelter with other people from cook country jail, the females and males. I feel that they should have their own shelter for living and  domestic violence. These people have served and fought for our country. Some veterans reported to Jessie Brown hospital about their medicine being changed without them knowing anything about it. Some veterans have had allergic reaction to the medicine that they received and had to be hospitalized for this, now you know that don’t make no kind of sense. These are the women who served in the Army, Navy, Armed Forces, Reserve and the nation guard. I have heard at this meeting that the have 9 V.A units and only 3 of them are for women looks like they treat the men better than the women. All veterans should be  treated equal no matter what cause, they both fought for our country. Some of our veteran women have even been sexual assaulted while serving for our country and when they go and talk to their psychiatrist  about the situation the psychiatrist acts like the experience was not important. some of the women didn’t wont to give their names, but come on now people we need to do better than this for or veterans.CAM00530written by: Marla B Thompson


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