Written by Denice Davies

Dr WinnI had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Winn at the 16th Ward Alderman’s monthly meeting hosted by Joann Thompson.

Dr. Winn is a professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health System. He also is associate Vice President of Health Affairs and Director of “The Lung Cancer Program. Dr. Winn is associated with the Miles Square Clinic on 63rd Lowe formerly known as Englewood Clinic.

Dr. Winn was animate about his goal to make sure that people in the neighborhood have access to medical specialists. If there is a need for a doctor to specialize in diabetic care then they will be able to utilize the clinic in their area. Some people have to take 3 or 4 buses to get medical services that should be accessible in their neighborhood. Also Dr. Winn wants people to stop using the emergency room for a primary physician.

Dr. Winn is an advocate for healthcare awareness. Some neighborhoods are not well educated about their healthcare and really don’t know what to do or where to go that is why they go to the emergency room. Dr. Winn I believe is making it happen. 

Dr. Winn comes from humble beginnings and is very proud of his story.  He grew up in the projects of New York. He was born to a teenage mother, in spite of statists he proved that in spite of your circumstances you can do anything. Dr Winn is someone you should know. I am very proud to be able to write this story about such a gracious man.


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