Veterans, this is an opportunity for you to tell your story about your life as a veteran. Email your responses to the questions to  Responses will be tallied and posted here on this website in 21 days.  Have fun…

veterans 1

1.How is life after Vietnam?

2.Do you think Chicago supports Vietnam veterans to the best of their ability?

3.If there is one thing you could change about the way the city of Chicago treats Vietnam veterans what would it be?

4.Do people tend to treat you differently since they know that you’re a veteran and in what way?veterans 2

5.How old were you when you went into service?

6.Were you in combat?

7.What branch did you go into?

8.Why did you decide to go into the service?

9.What benefits did you get as a result of your military service?

10. Do you suffer from Post Traumatic Distress (PTSD)? If so, what complications do you suffer from?

11. How long have you been in these group meetings and are they really helping you in any way?



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