department of correctionSubmitted by: Marla Thompson

The Cook County Jail is a place where I spent 4 months of my life. I spent those 4 months in terror, because I thought I was going to be sentenced for at least 20 to 30 years because that was the type of time the case I was convicted for could have received. While I was there, I saw some things that were shocking to me. The way inmates were feed, and how the guards treated us was deeming.  They talked to us as if we were animals. It was just horrible. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.  Getting locked up in the Cook County Jail was an experience I will never forget. While I was there, I only received 30 minutes to an hour of recreation time. This means that I was only allowed to go outside, and that time was up to the guard.  If they didn’t want their tier to go out, we couldn’t go out.  I think that is wrong because we were locked up and would like to see, smell, and feel some good fresh air.



The Cook County Jail has had some violations in the past including making incoming inmates strip down to their birthday suit and spread your buttocks.  I feel that was degrading, the Cook County Jail does not care about their inmates. I say this because I had a Asthma, a medical condition when I got there, but that meant nothing to them until I had an attack. Other inmates had medical conditions too, but the Cook County Jail system failed to give them their medicine as well.

person in jail


It was also difficult to bond out of the Cook County Jail. It took them 13 hours to bond me out. That was an unnecessarily long period of time for an inmate to get discharged.


The Cook County Jail has a population of 53% African American, 36% Hispanics, 11% Whites, and Others. This is my story on the being an inmate at the Cook County Jail.  Don’t get caught up in that maze.



To people who don’t want to go to jail please don’t go because you will not like it there at the Cook County Jail.


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