In the early morninDSC_0315g hours of Saturday March 29 2014, residents along 62nd and Rhodes were awakened to the sound of 8 gun shots. Chicago Police shot and killed Raasan Shaw who family members say was unarmed. CPD tells a different story. It is alleged that Raasan had pointed a gun at a plain clothes cop. Family members dispute that fact. and wants answers as to why the Chicago Police shot and killed an innocent young man for no reason. Police say Raasan was making a drug deal and he ran when he saw the police. The family is angry at the fact that no one from the Mayor’s Office or CPD has come out and said anything to them. It seems to me that based on what I have heard no one from the high archy of this city seems to care about a young man who too many is innocent. I cannot choose a side in this article because of ethics. But it’s the same old story when it comes to the police and poor black inner city youth, “he had a gun” and officers feared for there lives. Black inner city youth are often judged by the color of their skin and the crowd they are with, that doesn’t mean that their life is worthless. Yes a lot of our inner city youth are messed up caught up on a web of sin and ignorance but does that mean the police has the right to shoot them down like dogs. Many in the black community here in Chicago feel that they should pull all of the white police officers out of the black community, and only allow black police officers to patrol the streets of the black community. My take is if it is a race thing then you shouldn’t be on any police force patrolling any community white or black. Many of the black men who live in what I called the trenches of war are stereo typed by these white cops and cops from all ethnic backgrounds it’s the system to blame, they tell these poor black young men you can make it with a job, but there are no jobs. Amazon is considering using drones to deliver packages well if that happens there goes another set of jobs to robots. Prison is the new modern day slave trade and black people are the product. Our youth are tired and frustrated at the police and others, and it’s only a matter of time that things will really get ugly. If we don’t sit down and deal with this issue between the police and black people, inner city  youth and elderly we are going to be facing an even greater problem as time goes on. No one wants a riot but if we continue to pretend like it’s cnot our problem then we’re going to regret that when this volcano blows it’s top. My people the pressure is raising and it could blow at any minute. Raasan may have made some bad choices and his pass found him. I really can’t judge any one because I wasn’t in that alley that day, however what puzzles me is this, did they have to shoot him 8 times in the back? and from what the family tells me when there are no cameras around snatch down the memorial, make threatening calls to the landlord. If the Police is right, why go through all of that trouble? I witness one of there tactics on Tuesday when they drove up and started checking license plates on the cars. They even arrested a protester during the march to Alderman Willie Cochran’s office. the family has vowed to continue to fight against cops who shoot because you are black. More on this story after tomorrow. Raasan’s Funeral will be tomorrow at 11 at St. Anns on 67 south Wood street in Chicago IL. where are all of the stop the violence people for Raasan?  Is it because the cops say he pointed a gun at them, that no one cares? the family is outraged at how this is playing out.


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