Former Chicago Bulls Bill Wennington

On Saturday March 3, 2018 Photojournalist Brian Vickers of CCNEWS Media, walked into the Sprint Cellular store, located at 4700 block on Kimball Street, in the Ravenswood area. An event, sponsored by 670 THE SCORE, the new radio home of the Chicago Bulls where the featured guest was former Center/Forward of the Chicago Bulls, Bill Wennington.

            When Wennington was asked about his playing days with the iconic Michael Jordan, he attributed his success, as well as the success of the Bulls to Jordan; as he puts it “Jordan made not only me a better basketball player, but Jordan made all of his teammates better basketball players.”

            Wennington looks back on his playing days with former teammate Dennis Rodman fondly, because “Dennis was a lot of fun although Dennis could be a rebellion at times.” However, Wennington believes Dennis doesn’t get the credit he should have gotten for the basketball knowledge that he possessed.

            When asked if he thought Phil Jackson would coach again he replied,  “I don’t thing Phil would want to travel that much anymore, because an 82 game NBA season is rigorous.”  

            Wennington doesn’t miss the aches and pains he used to get from play a full NBA season but he misses the comradely and wonderful times he had with his former teammates.  He also misses competing against other players in the NBA.

            For the past 13 seasons Wennington has been a color-analyst and on radio for the Chicago Bulls.  As far the team’s future, Wennington believes the team is headed in the right direction. He beleives the Bulls have a core of three young players that are good and he really likes them. Although in Wennington’s view, the team needs to draft one or two more impact players in the upcoming NBA Draft.

            During the two hours event, at the Sprint store, Wennington signed autographs, took pictures with the Customers Services Representatives, and talked to some Bulls fans. The event was sponsored by 670 THE SCORE, the new radio home of the Chicago Bulls. 



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