By Marcus Robinson

Raynell Brutton started his modeling career the day I first did a photo shoot of him. He went a step beyond doing simple shoots with me.  Raynell moved on to meeting with other photographers who he felt could help him further his career in modeling.

My work with young men has been under fire by some people who assume negative thoughts about me.  I am proud to see this young man do his thing. My thoughts about seeing him push through the odds makes me want to continue to choose ordinary guys from the hood who have the look and push them into a field that can take them somewhere beyond their dreams.

Raynell isn’t the only one who has achieved success.  While he works on his Nike shoot Blue Jay, who is from St. Louis MO, is working on his acting career.


Blue Jay was recently at a taping for the show Empire this past week right here in Chicago. All of this happened because of how I, Marcus Robinson, did the first professional photo shoots of both Blue Jay and Raynell.

People, specifically black people, have boldly criticized me for the way I shoot and who I shoot. I’ve been pushed into a corner and at times started to second guess myself. I am just glad I didn’t quit.

Look forward to seeing Raynell in his ad for Nike soon and Blue Jay, well keep tuning into Empire’s club scenes. 



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