Make the government investigate re -homing

Protect children from re-homing

Written by: Marla Thompson

This is something that I just wanted to share with you, what is the  government doing to our children today? The government are just giving them to anybody just to get some money, and what happens to the child when they are placed in a foster home where people just treat them badly, neglect them, abuse them, I just feel bad for children today.


“Re-homing” is the phenomenon of adoptive parents giving their children to unlicensed, un-vetted strangers who they find on the Internet.

All children deserve to be safe. Parents cannot abdicate this responsibility, and we as a community must make sure families have needed resources.

With your support, we can compel our national policymakers to end child trading by investigating re-homing. The government has the power to better resource human service agencies to help families and prevent disruptions in the first place and to pass policies that hold people accountable for endangering children.

Raising awareness and getting the attention of our federal lawmakers is the critical first step in protecting children from “re-homing.” Take a minute to sign this petition and help keep adopted children safe.


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