994635_10201668748259237_2064256213_nI hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving  my family and I sure did.We got together for a beautiful dinner, and then the debates began. My cousin Ushaas,Uncle Harry,my dad,and my cousins KP and Annette were discussing our ancestry, with so much love it brought tears to my eyes. My cousin Ushaas gave us some history you might not know. We have so much history that’s why it  is debatable. She said that there is a grave misconception that everyone black came from Africa,when so many pictures depict that our ancestors were native to America. She feels that many of our traditions have been lost for simply not knowing where we came from. The traditions of our ancestors helped us to be healthy, mind, body and spirit.  She feels that so much was lost over four hundred years ago. We as a people need to research our history so  we can know,  we  came from so many places take time to find out.1450969_10201668734098883_1523112042_n

The pictures I have were sent to Ushaas Re  by Juvier Houston.


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