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We hope you’re having fun in the sun this summer! To make our lives easier and to communicate with you on a

regular basis, we will be sending you an e-newsletter with updates about goings-on at the ECTV office.  You

told us at the Special Members Meeting in June, that you wanted transparency in communication between

members and ECTV.  This e-newsletter is just one way to address your concern about two-way

communication. Now, you don’t have to reply to this email, but it would be nice to hear from you…’cause that’s

part of the process, too. Also, we need a name for our e-newsletter.  Please send in your suggestions to

LIVE STREAMING.  Ever wonder what that really means? Well, let me see if we can explain and not confuse you. When your child is performing in the school play, and you are told by the teacher you could watch it stream live, that doesn’t mean you can stay at home and watch the performance on TV or the computer while it is happening at school. Live streaming means, while the school play is airing on ECTV’s D65 channel 19, you also can watch it on the computer at,  at the same time.  Unless it is months later and you go to and click OnDemand; then, you can watch it at anytime.

We are excited to announce that classes have restarted at ECTV.  We just finished a Field Camera class.

You should have received one of those old-style emails announcing our new Basics in Audio Engineering class (information also is on the website at  We hope you will register for this exciting class, as we work to expand our offerings to members.

“.Org” is a new staff-produced show highlighting non-profit organizations in Evanston.  It is a great way to educate the community about resources and groups that are making a difference in people’s lives.  If you know of an organization that would be suitable, please let us know.

Youth Video Camp – This popular summer program is in full swing.  We are serving children from the city’s Recreation Department.
Also, back again is new Board Member Tricia Edwards’ youth video camp with her non-profit, T. E. & Company.  This summer, our youth video camp trained more than 70 children.

Yes, we are everywhere this summer, as Evanston has so much to  offer with festivals and events going almost non-stop.  The July 4th parade was one of the biggest ever and the fireworks, a spectacular light dance in the sky. ECTV was there covering the July 4th activities.  You can see it airing in rotation on Comcast Cable channel 6.  ECTV also covered the Custer Street Fair, It’s Thursday Let’s Dance!, Farmers Market and the Ethnic Arts Fest–coverage of all events will air throughout the summer on our public access channel 6.

COMING UP!…Look for ECTV at the Lakeshore Arts Fest, Aug. 3-4; Starlight Concerts in the Park, Aug. 20; CommUnity Picnic, Aug. 25; and Evanston Green Living Fest, Sept. 28.   Smile for the camera and say “hi,” or stop by the ECTV booth.

ECTV has been accepted as a non-profit in Northwestern University’s campusCatalyst (cC) Program for the fall session (Sept. 24-Dec.9). cC engages college and business school students in pro-bono consulting projects with non-profits, catalyzing community growth and the development of future leaders.  This is a 10-week commitment and the expected outcomes are: to improve our capacity and effectiveness and to increase our membership and production services revenue streams. More than 250 students, 50 MBA mentors and 60 non-profits have participated in cC.  We are proud and delighted that our proposal was accepted and look forward to what we can learn to help us grow together, building a stronger organization. This is a program of the Kellogg School of Management.

Thank you for helping.  The call went out and ECTV members answered. With so much going on this summer, we could not have done it without your volunteer hours. (Summer isn’t over so we’re still not done.)

Abby Petroshus
Akilah Wilson
Bob Koester
Brandi Smetko
Cindy Cort
Cindy Greene
Dennis King
Gary Brooks
Gary Price
Jamaal Davis
Jim Mizell
John Anderson
Lilo Schuster
Mike Petroshus
Naimah Latif
Shaiking Mathis
Sheryl Rosen
Stan Azeem
Taryn Galbreath

AND, FINALLY … Thanks to all of our loyal members and ECTV e-newsletter subscribers for your support and input.

ECTV Covering City Fests and Events

Upcoming Events


Basics in Audio Engineering – New Class!
Monday & Wednesday,
6 – 9 p.m.

Board of Directors Meeting – Aug. 8
5:30 p.m.

Lakeshore Arts Fest – Aug 3-4
Videographer – Bob Koester

Starlight Concerts in the Park – Aug. 20
Videographer – Shaiking Mathis

CommUnity Picnic – Aug. 25
Videographer – ECTV Staff



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