First, I would like to introduce to entrepreneur, motivational speaker, model, visionary coach, and author Akilah C. Thompson.  She launched her company, ACT Inspires, Inc., as a way to inspire and motivate today’s younger minority generations to make the right decisions and reach their full potential.  As the principal of ACT Inspires, she uses her gifts as a motivational speaker, fitness inspirator, actor, model, singer, and author to encourage people to “Release The BEaST ……become the BEST you.” Release the BEaST is the mantra that Akilah lives by today.  By “releasing the beast,” she believes that anyone can define his or her own version of success while attaining true happiness.

In a riveting, passionate, and insightful interview, Akilah can discuss:

•  Easy tips on how today’s minority youth can begin planning a business at age

•  Advice on building self-confidence to network effectively

•  Ways for today’s younger minority generations to find the next “big idea”

•  How to find the right strategic partners

•  Simple tips to building critical decision making skills

Next, I wanted to introduce you to former Minnesota Viking and New York Jet, Aundrae Allison who is the creator of the men’s wear brand, Wealthy War Intentions.  In an effort to show today’s younger minority generations that acquiring their dreams are possible with the proper focus, dedication, and planning, Aundrae launched the ultra luxury menswear line, Wealthy War Intentions.

He used the competitive spirit he acquired in professional sports as the driving force in developing the brand.  “I approached my brand with the same discipline and expertise that is used in professional sports and that’s a ton of studying, planning, and understanding your opponent with a keen sense of detail,” says Aundrae. He encourages today’s younger minority generations to pursue their careers in a similar fashion.

In a fascinating, entertaining, and insightful interview, Aundrae will share how:

·      His experiences in professional football inspired him to create a luxury fashion brand

·      Ways to younger minority generations can stand out from the rest of the competition

·      Conflict and war carries into everyday life as it relates to achieving wealth

·      Today’s younger generations can find their passion and launch the careers they’ve always


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