Submitted by: Marla Thompson

   Today I meet a veteran woman and her name is Mrs.Babette Peyton. She has been a veteran for 3 years, Mrs Peyton is trying to start a housing project for the veteran women that are homeless with and without children. The location of the housing project that she is trying to start is located at 6010 South Ashland. This location that she picked for the housing project is upstairs above a church, Mrs.Babette is just trying to help out her fellow veteran women and this community.

This church is need of some minor repairs so that the housing project can get on its way. She also is trying to find someone who wants to donate a van that is wheel chair accessible, and she also wants to put together a wish list to find some contractors, electricians, etc. who are willing to help out in this project. Mrs. Babette has a lot of great ideas for this project she even wants to put together a food truck to drive around and help out this housing project. I hope that she can find someone to help her out and donate to this project, because she and her fellow veterans has done a lot for our country, So come on people lets give something back in return to the lets help them out as they have done for us, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

There is a website that you can visit to get more information on the project and it is or you would like to talk to Mrs. Babette Peyton you can e-mail her at:



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