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      South Side Unity Center of Christianity, as part of its 87 year celebration joins with Little Skillet Productions, a Nonprofit, to inaugurate a “Cycling 4 Peace” event. The event is to be held Saturday, September 13, 2014. It offers organizations, that are a part of the New Thought Movement, an opportunity to involve themselves in an event that speaks to Our Truth, ” We focus on what we desire, not what is wished to be vanquish.” While the idea came through South Side, it belongs to all, in and out of our movement, that desire Peace. Peace is more than a concept. Peace is a desired result. Peace as a concept and result is not about stopping things but instead about promoting a new focus.

If there is a point of differentiation, it simply is that seeking Peace is a positive journey, and being against violence is by its very nature, an effort to infuse energy into an already negative energy environment with an expectation of a positive result. This is, as proven by the years of trying, a less than effective approach. If anyone has the answer to ending the violence that exist in Chicago, please let them step forward with the cure. Until that day comes untried approaches may be in order.

We, invite the readers of this article to search their hearts and examine it to determine if it is time for them to involve themselves in something truly greater than themselves, healing violence through a focus on Peace. No effort, contribution or action is too small to make a difference, first the consciousness then the result.

On September 13, you can ride, walk or run the “Cycling 4 Peace” route and be a part of effecting change in our city. The “cycling4peace” websites is currently being developed. Learn how you may participate by phoning (773) 341-7119 ext 2 and leaving your name and phone number please. Thank you



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