William Flowers
William Flowers

Hello people all to often when you hear about black youth in the hood, you hear about the negative things they do rarely ever will you hear about the positive things they do. Today I want to introduce you to William Flowers.

William is a young man who goes to Percy L Julian high school. and is sixteen years old and like many his age has made some bad choices in life. William refuse to quit on life despite his bad choices, after being locked up for a short time for a minor offense, William has changed from running in the streets to getting his act together, he now has a part time job working at a local restaurant.

William wears his hair in dreads and yes he doesn’t mind taking off his shirt and doing photo shoots for the ladies. While some may find this offensive it’s nothing wrong with being young and attractive. William is also a teen model he enjoys doing it when he’s not working.

William spends most of his time with his faithful girl friend and he also can play some serious basketball, we may not all like the way our black teens chooses to dress, but I say let them have there fun, when they are in the hood they are at home, so when you are at home you dress how you like, in other words you unwind and loosen up. William was once known as mouse on the streets, but now he’s known as a BMW (black man working) William knows what he wants in life, and knows what it takes to get it.


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