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An unnamed teenage juvenile was arrested by Norman, Oklahoma police for stealing nearly $30,000 from three area Walmart stores. The arrest happened at the end of January and was recently reported by KFOR NewsChannel 4. Apparently the teen convinced Walmart employees that he was employed by the big box retailer and once inside, was able to steal thousands. Police say the accused was well acquainted with the chain’s practices because he worked in an Oklahoma City Walmart before being fired for taking money.

The police report noted that surveillance video caught the suspect taking, …multiple bundles of cash, stuffing …

According to the police report, in December the 17-year-old suspect donned a Walmart name tag and, “…acted as if he was a general manager from another store.” He told employees of the Moore, Oklahoma Walmart that he was there to conduct an inventory of the store before general managers would arrive to do a post holiday inspection.


Surveillance video from the store, which has not been released by the D.A., showed that the teen was left alone in an office where money was stored and he grabbed, “…multiple bundles of cash, stuffing them inside his pockets and clothes,” hugging the manager as he left. Moore Police Sergeant Jeremy Lewis said, “He’s obviously confident in what he’s doing and has a good story.”

Sergeant Jeremy Lewis, Moore Police Department (KFOR)

After his heist in Moore, the hustler, who is also reportedly an actor with a local talent agency, took his act to a Walmart in the city of Edmond. Dressed in his old Walmart uniform, he walked into the store and was assigned to work at a register where he was able to swipe $3,000 in one day.


The jig was up when the teenage swindler tried his routine at a Walmart in Norman. Police were there to take him into custody. It’s unknown if the teen will be tried as an adult, but the Cleveland County District Attorney is working on the case.

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