” Sue”  The Largest T Rex On the Planet


Submitted by: Marla  Thompson

The world famous fossil know as ” Sue ” the largest and best preserved  Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found.

Sue measures 42 feet long from snout to tail and 13 feet tall in the hips. She has 58 daggers like teeth. Sue original skull weighs about 600 pounds. I was so excited about going to the field museum because I haven’t been in a long time.

Sue was discovered in Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, South Dakota, she is 65.5-67 million years old. And Sue was founded on August 12, 1990.

” Sue ” got her name from the woman who found he and her name is Susan Hendrickson. As she was walking along the base of a cliff, she discovered some small pieces of bone. She looked above her to see where the bones had originated, and observed larger bones protruding from the wall of the cliff. She returned to camp with two small pieces of the bones and reported the discovery to the president of the Black Hills Institute, Peter Larson.

It was later ascertained that Sue was a record 80 percent complete.Scientists believe that this specimen was covered by water and mud soon after its death which prevented other animals from carrying away the bones. Additionally, the rushing water mixed the skeleton together. When the fossil was found, the hip bones were above the skull, and the leg bones were intertwined with the ribs. The large size and the excellent condition of the bones were also surprising.

                ” Sue The T Rex “



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