Written By: Yvonne Sanders

June 19, 2014


This young woman got dressed all up this day. It was a very special day. Her son’s 20140618_19230628th birthday.  Her, son and his fiancé are all going out to a birthday dinner. This young lady on her way to pick up her son gets out of  her car. She notices that she’s getting a lot of attention from passing traffic  blowing their horns. This gave the young lady a bit of an ego boost saying to herself “Hey Hey”, almost 5o and still got it. Waving her hand dismissing the passengers’ blowing horns, continues into the hallway of the apartment building. To her surprise, as she came out of the mist from the  rain , her pants had rolled down in the back. Her having on a girdle she did not feel the pants moving down her back side, And realized that the passengers was just trying to let her know that her pants were down. You are probably wondering, how does she know what this young lady was thinking ? I know because the young lady was me. I couldn’t do anything but laugh and share this story with everyone cause it was funny and Hey “I’m almost 50 and I know I still got it.”


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