By Lady Die

Is it just me…?

0916141535Or do you detest a prevaricator? Particularly one who has the expectation that you will embrace and accept their ridiculous story, no questions asked.  After all everyone else has so why not you?  Sometimes I just want to organize a community beat down, however I know that violence is no way to address ills and transgressions and when I allow my higher consciousness to take over I can let go and become more rational.

This is not a story of forgiveness this is one that requires collective action to address the ills.

The spin control that a major institution released last Thursday and Friday about the hacking of their digital data was almost as egregious as the activities of the Bernie Madoff character and his cohorts. This institution that you put your trust and hard earned dollars in failed every customer or at least 67 million customers by last count. Much like the housing debacle, mister major lender just plans to walk away again with an, “oh well attitude.” Thousands of people were denied the ability to refinance excessive mortgages through modification plans and retain their homes.  No community was left unscathed on a nationwide basis. Homeowners wanting to sell saw the value of their home plummet.  Many people ink were so far under water they could not do a short sell and many literally walked away leaving another boarded up house on block.

I love that The Illinois Attorney General’s office took a stand and after what seemed to be a lengthy investigation sued mister major banker and won thus making mister major banker financially accountable for people still able to hang on.  The audacity of mister major bank to inform you that free credit reports would not be made available to affected consumers. Instead their high handedness said to check your monthly statements to ensure there was no fraudulent activity on your account. Additionally they told us that your name, social security number, and password were not breached. You will notice I did not use the word ‘assured.’ Told is a clever way to use spin control when you got bad news in my opinion.   Too add insult to injury, mister major banker has known for two months that a problem existed and simply did share the information.  This is spin control on steroids.

Allow me to suggest that the way to effectively cripple this institution is to find a clean pillow case, remove your funds and do what your grandparents did. You can become your own bank and you can pay yourself more interest than you can earn at a major institution after all the prevailing rate is less than one percent, so what is the point?

I tell you a community beat down would make me feel a lot better. I know you have an opinion on this or is it just me? Check me out at my blog website:


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