Written on March 16, 2014

Submitted by Yvonne Sanders

Judge Sharon Oden Johnson I have had the opportunity to interview Owen Johnson, son of Judge Sharon Oden Johnson. This opportunity gave me insight of a young black man who has a positive role model in his life, something that is desperately needed in our communities. Young Owen Johnson through the questions have proven that strength can come from inside the home and not in the streets. He has a positive attitude, he strives to do well and already has set some positive goals for his life. Though he will not pursue a career in law he is definitely on the right path to succeed.


Owen stated “That being a son of a Judge is pleasant, that he is held to higher standards than the average teen, and how every teen including himself “should” feel the pressure to get good grades.” Previously stated he will not pursue a career in law but he does want to attend law school for the information. AKHxj0CqbcNa4Cd-XWHYwX0pLdzo9h4fjsI8T45mTKsJbSi1asVXPmtij-mW


In more research: www. Supreme Court. Ohio.Gov. {Living with a Judge 2007} Stress was seen quite differently depending where the Judge lived. Those from less populated counties reported differently than those living in larger communities. As spouses of judges, it is important to become aware, of not only the stress the judge faces but how that stress affects those living with him or her family.  



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