Submitted by Wanda Carter

Marcella Rankin had a booth representing Imagine Englewood If. She displayed information about the importance of all communities especially the Englewood    community being aware of the dangers of lead poisioning.learning abou .    Most families are unaware that chipping lead paint and lead dust may be lurking in their homes. You may not believe it but thousands of children are harmed by lead. The effects  of lead poisoning is alarming . There are learning disabilities ,speech  and language disorders. There is also signs of aggressive behavior , hyperactivity and behavioral problems. Some children that may be placed in the special education classes may have lead poisoning and no one is aware. This problem could be resolved if people took it more seriously. Ms.  Rankin goes to schools and community centers passing out fliers, letting people know this is  a preventable illness.  If you see peeling paint in your home , talk to your landlord about getting someone out ti investigate, better safe than sorry.


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