Today family and friends of Endia Martin all packed St. Andrew’s Temple of Faith MB Church on the south side of Chicago, to say good bye. Endia Martin was only 14 years old when she was tragically gun down by another 14 year old girl. This all started over an argument on face book. On Monday April 28 what started as a simple fight on 55th street ended in gun smoke leaving a beautiful girl named Endia dead, those who loved her lives forever changed. when that trigger was fired, it not only took Endia’s life but the lives of many. It made the Mayor asked these questions “what happened to values?” he went on to ask “how much Policing and after school matters programs do we need?” “good questions Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. I wonder that to.”

St. Andrew’ s was packed from the front to the back and even the balcony was full of young and old people. People from all over the city came to pay there respects. Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls was in attendance. The effects of what happened that day will last a long time. No one can turn back the clock and stop this, but we can stop it from happening again. When cameras are at a funeral like this, we are often met with an angry family member. But it’s not the media’s fault this happens, it’s society’s fault, for allowing war music to be played across the radio air waves, and it’s the parents and bad policing and ministers who are great actors, and bad performers. It is also the child’s fault themselves, this is something we don’t want to talk about or acknowledge, but the major problem isn’t the parent but the child that fails to heed the warning of the parent. our young men are scared and are looking for protection but the one who is charged to protect them are neglecting them. Our youth listen to the wrong influences in there lives and that’s why they are dying like flies. Black people are racist toward there own kind and because of that we are a serious humpty dumpty case. We must as a people come together in unity and acknowledge God and not the green God but the true and Only God. I know many of the youngsters who are effected by this, and some lives have forever changed. I would like to say this will be the last funeral I will attend for a teen but it won’t. So Long Endia Martin AKA Tiny R.I.P and to the family stay strong and remember you are not alone.

A City Mourns the death of 14 yr. old Endia Martin
A City Mourns the death of 14 yr. old Endia Martin



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