This is my sister Cheryl and her two sons


Submitted by: Marla Thompson

               Today I’m writing about my sister Cheryl Drummond, she is such a decorative person and she have the skills to just do about anything there is to be done. Cheryl have been doing this kind of work for about 11 years and still going strong. My sister has a very big heart for the kids, because she has three of them herself Two boys Charles 11 and Car’real is 7. There is  one girl and her name is Caylee who is 15 Months old with her bad self but you can’t help but to love her.

 These are the cakes she made


Cheryl is a very independent person and she doesn’t ask to many people for anything because she does it all by herself, the only person she might ask for something is that of her older sister Marla Thompson. My sister Cheryl Drummond is a loveable, caring and a sharing person: that’s the kind of person she is and always has been that way ever since our mother passed away 20 years ago. I Love My Sister Cheryl R. Drummond!

Here is Ms. Caylee



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