Written by Takayla Stamps


June 7, 2014Takayla

I’m currently a youth worker through Hope’s Youth Program. While at Hope’s Technology and Education Center today I had the privilege of working with students from the BIR Training center and Ms. Carter where I worked on photos for Hope’s Youth Summer Program. The objective of today’s assignment was to use the pictures that the students took through the webcams and to adjust those photos so that they fit and looked properly for the crafts that the students were using the photos for. Through Ms. Carters teaching I learned to use a photo editing application (Gimp) where I would upload the students photos for editing. To edit the photos I used the crop feature where I was able to crop out any unnecessary images in the background or surrounding the student. I also found it helpful to use the brightness and contrast option on the photo editing app where I was able to highlight and adjust the contrast of the student’s photos so that they looked more appealing. It was my job to make sure the students photos looked presentable and were ready to be used for the student’s projects. I enjoyed using the photo app (Gimp) and exploring all the wonders that PC’s hold. It’s amazing how there are so many options and uses for the internet and PC’s in general. I would love to learn how to create a website and effectively know how to use all the aspects a PC holds (especially for those college papers). Working with Ms. Carter and the BIR students should be an eventful and enlightening journey.



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