Written by Brianna Stamps (briannastamps@ccnewsmedia.org)

Brianna Stamps, 17

My name is Brianna Stamps and I’ll be an incoming senior in high school this August. I work at Hope Presbyterian Church as an assistant Teen Leader for the summer camp. Today was my first time in the computer class and I learned a lot. My instructor Ms. Carter was very nice, informative and helpful when explaining what I would be doing and showing me what to do. We began by introducing ourselves to each other to get more acquainted with one other. I was introduced to students, Yvonne and Marla, from BIR Training Center who also helped my sister and I download the program we were working with and being a guide for us. Having others with experience to show us how to get things done was very useful and productive.  Because we had to get photos for the students’ art projects, we downloaded a photo editing app, “Gimp”, that let us save the photos, open them in the app then crop them so they’ll fit in the frame the students made. With the gimp app, Ms. Carter showed us how to use the square or oval to place around the photos then click on “crop to selection” when we had a nice picture in the square or oval. briannaAfter cropping the pictures, we saved the pictures to the desktop and put them in different folders for the girls and boys. After saving, we used a flash drive to save all the pictures on them to be able to plug the flash drive back in the computer and see the pictures again. Saving photos in different places and having different resources may be very beneficial in case you lose access to them in one place, you’ll have other places to get them. From that one day in class, Ms. Carter, Yvonne, and Marla made me feel more comfortable using a computer and showed me that with a computer you can do lots of things.


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