Written by Wanda Carter

Charles Deneen Elementary School of Excellence

Students that excel in school, do so because they want to. They like learning, they like being at the helm, and the like be hora that comes with being the best. I have 2 such students, Terrell Williams (10 years) and Asia Morris (7 years old). They both attend Charles S. Deneen, School of Excellence. Their mother, Tasheka  Morris says everyone played apart in their success. The school contributed by engaging them in hands on activities and after school programs. Mrs Morris and her husband Joshua work diligently to help their children with  school assignments, they go on field trips and work as partners with the school in class projects.

Terrell Williams, 10 years old

Terrell says he acquired the A – B Honor Roll and Student of the Month Award by being in school everyday, paying attention to the teachers, participating in classroom activities, and by asking them questions when he doesn’t understand something.  

Asia Morris, 7 years old

Asia says she made it to the Honor Roll because she had good grades and was welcomed into the Cheerleading Team. She goes to bed at 8:30pm every night so she feels like going to school in the morning and she likes helping the teachers help other students that need assistance. Asia says “she studies her books that’s why she made it to the Honor Roll.


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