Why Ask for your Vote?…….
Not a single member of this Board asked me for anything…Not in my opinion
Not for my view….Not for whether we should do this or do that…Not in my opinion acceptable
interest rates for an 18 million dollar loan. Not for my opinion on leaving Habitat Realty for
Realty & Mortgage. An Internet search revealed that Habitat manages 20,000 units in 6 states while Realty & Mortgage manages 3 buildings on the west side. Did you vote for this? But, this group has the haughtiness to ask for your vote in February!

Special Election on January 27, 2013
If we wait for the February election, we cannot remove the entire board. Obviously a problem! We
need to immediately sue to change the bi-laws, and start investigations, audits, and legal searches all
current Board members have allegedly been involved in risky and questionable behavior. Do you
expect any of them to support our investigative efforts?

Harper Square members have reported Attorney Kahn to the agency that acts as the Police in Illinois
Lawyers. Everything that is Documented has to be Addressed….That is why multiple letters have been sent to the Harper Square Attorney Kahn but so far he has not responded. He is said to be paid $35,000 per year plus court costs. He is required to respond to any member of Harper Square. His email is

1) Unconstitutional – No member can be forced to buy high-definition cable. Everyone did not agree
with the purchase and that breaks the deal. End of Story!!
Not Even the Federal Government can force you to buy something. Conservatives nearly derailed
Obamacare with this simple argument. At this point, the board is behaving as if hooligan tactics
are unrecognizable when committed after retirement age. They are wrong – End of Story!!
Increase Notices with a clear violation of the United States Constitution proves that none of them
are discerning and all are without the decency to walk away. We must kick them out!! End of Story!!

According to the late Dick Fireman Attorney Sanford Kahn was given his job by Arthur Slater.
Herbert Fisher Esq. was doing a fine job for Harper Square when he was abruptly fired. Is Sanford Kahn interested in meeting the legal needs of all members of the man who hired him? Kahn is being paid as legal counsel to meet the lawful needs of the cooperative of 600 members, but currently serves only at the request and pleasure of the 5 Board of Directors.

He is the attorney of the record whenever members/owners DO NOT PAY monthly charges due to the
cooperative but has ignored our request when asked to prove that our Board of Directors is current
on monthly charges.

  1. Sanford Kahn, Lt has not responded to members/owners of questions about ethical violations
    committed by Harper Square Cooperative Board of Directors.
  2. Sanford Kahn, Lt has not responded to member/owners’ request for information regarding the Board
    of Directors granting free rent to 5 Directors in 12/2010. This information was provided by someone
    in the management office. This person is an official whistleblower and Sanford Kahn is aware of all
    these allegations. Members have requested official bank records to disprove this information. We
    want documents of 12 months of carrying charges for all board members for 2010, 2011, and 2012.

99% of Harper Square Members Cannot Participate in Board Changes under Board President “Arthur Slater” which has made 99% of Harper Square members ineligible for participation on the Board. What would be the reason for this? They changed the Bi-laws to state that all members who must pay carrying charges on the first day at Harper Square must wait five years to be eligible for the board. You can be the mayor of Chicago after only one year of residency in Chicago. Why DID this happen at Harper Square? The Board is a volunteer job. They FIGHT and scheme TO BE VOLUNTEERS!

According to Bill (the only real Harper policy & procedure expert), the last change under this board
states that the Bi-Laws cannot be changed again until 2015. Your money stays but your rights have
vanished. In the baby’s easy words, they think these bi-law changes make it impossible for any of us
to see anything that any of them have done. They think that is not accountable to any of us until
at least 2015. And in 2015, I guess they would come up with an even BIGGER TRICK~Investigator has been hired………by an anonymous member

In the meeting, we will release the Harper Square membership items on the list. It contains
improprieties needing further investigation and documentation. Some bad things have happened here
and all things will be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. A private investigation firm
“ La Rose & Associates” has been hired. They are looking at list items and they are seeking any
documentation to support investigations. Leads can be mailed to……….La Rose & Associates 3138 Albion Rd Shaker Heights, OH 44120.


Yes indeed, someone(s) who worked for us has a story to tell…..
Yes indeed, security guards have left Harper Square after being asked to LIE in a courtroom! Yes
indeed, someone who worked for us saw a lot of sh**……….
Yes indeed, someone who worked for us talked to a lawyer who lives in the building…….
Yes indeed, someone who worked for us sued a Board Member for harassment and WON…..
Yes indeed, no one in the office wants to talk about this……
Yes indeed, righteousness will have the final word and the choir said AMEN!!

Yes indeed, whistleblowers are used and even encouraged by city governments, corporations, and schools
and without them, wrongdoing would have no end at all. Somebody got to step up sometime!

The Board and Free Rent ……..The Whistle Blows……… The Board is said to have stolen FREE RENT in
December 2010
We have notified Harper Square Attorney Kahn, and he sues members whenever they do not pay monthly
fees, and we are asking him to start investigations into the Board’s monthly charges. We have also made
him aware that we have reported his non-action to date to the Regulating Agent for Illinois
Lawyers. He currently has a complaint filed by members of Harper Square with the Illinois Attorney
Board – ARDC.

The Lawyer and the Board at Harper Square appear to be unfamiliar to whistle-blowers. The
management company appears to be clueless about all of the complaints from members about the 6.5%
increase and the bi-law changes. The manager is clueless and does not know what any whistle-blower
could be talking about. Except, she has a deadbolt lock on her office door and no one is permitted
in her office when she is away. They act as if they can just ignore everything and anyone who
request more than a maintenance visit. Soon we will all see how this behavior works out for them~


I have functioned as a Business and Media Consultant over the past sixteen years and spent many years developing my capacity to function in our ever evolving use of technology, communication, education and training.