Excerpts from Post Press Release Punch #51

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Carolynn D Crump, Candidate for the 16th Aldermanic Ward Punch #51

(Chicago, October 31, 2022) Dr. Carolynn Crump officially announced her candidacy for Alderperson of the 16th Ward, Sunday, October 23, 2022, on the Southside of Chicago, at Saint Basil Visitation Church located at 843 West Garfield Boulevard.

Dr. Crump says she has dedicated her life to public service, having worked for the Chicago Police Department for 23 years. She currently serves in the Department’s Field Technology and Innovation Unit, where she plays a significant role in upgrading investigative technology and training employees in new criminal technologies.

Dr. Crump shared she lives in her family’s 128-year-old home in the 16th Ward and stated that she has lived, worked, and worshiped in the 16th Ward for over 20 years. Dr. Crump, whose parents are both deceased, acknowledged her older sister and younger brother; five pet cockatiel birds, and a dog.

Dr. Crump talked about her qualifications to be Alderperson of the 16th Ward, having a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a Master of Business Administration degree, a second Master’s degree in Fraud Examination Management, both from Saint Xavier University and a Ph.D. Doctorate in Business Administration from Argosy University.

A crime fighter and survivor, the crowd was touched when Dr. Crump said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, just like I defended myself… against those offenders, I will fight and defend the 16th Ward!” She passionately proclaimed, “I WANT THE 16TH WARD TO NOT ONLY SURVIVE BUT TO THRIVE.” She explained how serving the public was a part of her deeply held beliefs and how her activism in serving the public transfers over to her volunteerism for the community, including her assistance to people with providing employment information, educational resources, and other daily life essentials, such as cutting grass and planting flowers and vegetables with her neighbors.

Dr. Crump discussed her five-point plan for the 16th Ward, (1) Beautification Initiative – to beautify and clean up the Ward, seeking and utilizing city, state, and federal resources to make the 16th Ward a place that residents can be proud of; (2) Expand Vocational Training and Job Opportunities – work with the city to seek funding for better vocational training in the 15th Ward, which can lead to more job opportunities for 15th Ward residents; (3) Education – work with the Chicago Public Schools to obtain a full assessment of the schools within the 16th Ward and develop an action plan for bringing academic excellence to 16°1 Ward schools; (4) Economic Development – to bring more businesses, restaurants, hotels, theaters, and other activities to the 16th Ward by working with the Chicago Department of Planning and Development to create a Comprehensive Economic Development Plan for a thriving New and Improved 16th Ward; (5) Crime Reduction Initiative and Community Policing Programs – to reduce crime by working with the community, religious leaders, community organizations, the Mayor’s office, and the Chicago Police Department to develop a Crime Reduction Plan for the 16th Ward.

Dr. Crump is running a grassroots campaign, and she was joined by community members, family, and friends as she successfully kicked off her campaign for Alderperson of the 16th Ward. After the announcement, Dr. Crump and her guests boldly marched around the community exhorting her candidacy for 16ihWard Alderperson.


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