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The Vintage House show introduces a new segment giving DJs a platform to gain exposure through spinning sets with their style and personality. The Spotlight show airs on January 6, 2021, at 10 p.m. CST hosted by DJ VITIGRRL and Justin Alphonse.  

Chicago, IL. January 4, 2021. Dance music has made a huge impact on social media by helping people get through the past year’s pandemic. This is why The Vintage House show is bringing another segment to their show called The Spotlight. One of the goals for the new segment is to pass the torch and bridge the gap between DJ’s who paved the way and DJs who are walking the path. It will give young DJs, new DJs, seasoned DJs or any DJ the spotlight to spin a set showing their style and personality on the turntables. The show follows their weekly live talk show on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. CST on The Vintage House Show Facebook Live. Hannah Viti, also known as DJ VITIGRRL, will be co-hosting the new segment alongside Justin Alphonse the Digital Media Manager for The Modern Dance Music Research and Archiving Foundation and The Vintage House show.

Hannah began live mixing in 2018, but she got her start years earlier at her college radio station. She holds residencies with Peach and the award-winning dance party Slo’ Mo. She continues to foster her love of radio weekly on Wednesday evenings on WNUR 89.3. VITIGRRL incorporates a wide variety of music into her sets, and holds a special affinity for Chicago House, Funk and Disco.  Justin, an alum of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has been working as Digital Media Manager for The Vintage House show since November 2020. He was brought on after photographing an event in which Vintage House show co-host Lauren Lowery was attending. He is an overall creative who focuses on portrait and event photography but takes on many different roles in the media field. Justin explains how the idea of The Spotlight show came about, 

“Listening to the house music pioneers on The Vintage House show describe how today’s Hip-Hop and R&B samples house music without giving credit to the original song helped me to realize the new generations would never know without doing research. This made me think of how a song like Kanye West’s Fade got so much love but fans my age would never have known the song samples house classics ‘Deep Inside’ and ‘Can You Feel It’”

The hosts of The Vintage House show will bring some opportunities for The Spotlight guest DJs to network and be able to connect with house music pioneers for mentorship. The Chosen Few DJs are The Vintage House show and they’ll be watching The Spotlight to possibly give opportunities to the DJs who guest appear and spin a set. 

The is a WNUR radio show, now podcast and web show that honors DJ Terry Hunter and other Chicago’s House and Dance Music pioneers. Terry Hunter’s rise to international status and how Chicago can continue to lead the House Music culture and cannon around the globe. He has amassed close to one thousand songs since the start of his career in 1984. 

Vintage House ( is the only on-air radio show and podcast in Chicago dedicated to illuminating and preserving the lives, music and careers of house music legends. Vintage House is powered by the Modern Dance Music Research and Archiving Foundation (, the only repository in the United States dedicated solely to the study, preservation and celebration of house and dance music genres, whose collections are featured at the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture. Hosted by House Music Pioneers DJ Lori Branch and Kevin “Mega” McFall. Lori Branch (@LoraBranch) is one of Chicago’s first woman DJ’s and Kevin McFall (@Megamix86) was the PR professional for Chicago’s house music artists. Vintage House produced by house music Historian Lauren Lowery (@HouseArchive) is live every Wednesday at 9 p.m. CST found on our Facebook page @VintageHouseWNUR. Twitter, @HouseArchive. Instagram, @vintagehouseshow YOUTUBE 

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