by Marcus Robinson, CCNM Photojournalist

Five people were murdered in a house in Englewood on 62nd and Morgan. Three were women and there was one male, dead on the scene. While another one died a few days later in the hospital.  A total of nine people were shot. The victims were shot in the head. Chicago has become unsafe and many are blaming it on the current Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, Chief of Police David O Brown and States Attorney Kim Fox.

A week before the mass shooting in Englewood another Mass shooting happened in the Chatham neighborhood. One woman dead. It seems with all of the violence going on all over the city, that the current leadership can’t handle the deep end of the pool, their policies aren’t working. Chicago residents are wondering why the city isn’t doing enough to prevent the violence, many have fled to other cities hoping to find relief from this mayhem that’s plaquing Chicago. 


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